Patient care at home

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Patient care at home tailored to the individual and his/her disease

Patient care at home requires professional support for home care if the disease continues during the process of moving home after hospital treatment is completed due to aging or serious illness. It includes the service of providing the needed care services at home. In today's conditions, not being able to stay with our patient relatives all the time and having to work on their own Due to our workload, we need an assistant who will both take care of our patient and continue his life, and our patient care service comes into play. Apart from the treatment of the sick person, helping him in his home life will ensure his personal hygiene, nutrition and general order of the house, so the caregiver who will work should have knowledge of these issues as well as elderly care and treatment. If another employee cannot be employed for duties other than treatment, our caregiver is asked to perform these duties.

We really care about our business

Anyone who needs care can stay in their favorite environment, communicate with friends and neighbors, have pets, and continue to live their lives according to their own routine. Receiving care in a familiar environment, maintaining independence, and having full control over daily decisions can be truly empowering.

"Our care assistants receive professional training on issues specific to the physically disabled, including safe handling and diseases such as paralysis."


How long does it take to find a sitter?

Depending on your needs and wishes, we can provide a caregiver immediately or at a time that suits you.

Why should I get service from you instead of a private caregiver for my family?

If you hire privately, you become the caregiver's employer. The following are just a few of the things you should consider when hiring privately.

Do I need to sign a contract that locks me into services?

No. Sumer is here to meet your needs, and as your needs change, the services you receive will also change. Our service contract reflects this and adapts to changing needs.

How do you supervise your caregivers?

We conduct random management quality assurance checks and conduct surveys for both the caregiver and our patient at certain intervals. This ensures that our customers receive the best home care possible.

How much will I pay for the service I will receive?

We can come to your home and meet with you and your family members free of charge. If you feel more comfortable, you can also come to one of our offices.

Why do I need home care?

For many families, home care services offer a helpful choice; A safe and affordable solution that supports the family and allows loved ones to remain in the comfort of their own home and community. Home care provides compassion and assistance to seniors who need assistance with daily activities. Levels of care vary depending on need and can range from weekly meal preparation to incontinence assistance.

Is home care a better option than a nursing home?

Home care is a more private option that allows your loved one to stay in their own home. This is generally less obtrusive and more engaging, making it the first choice for many families. Combine this with the rising costs of nursing home facilities and it can be understood why home care has become the preferred option for many families.

Do you need more information?

You can call or send a message today to discuss your residential home care needs and get a free and unconditional quote.

No matter how complex the challenges you face, we have the experience and skills to find the ideal solutions that will make your life better.