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Home Care Assistance Regulation 26/05/2023

For home care assistance, the Ministry of Family and Social Services, as one of the community-based care service models, can apply for the Home Care Assistance, which was launched to ensure the integration of disabled citizens with the society by providing their care to their acquaintances, relatives or companies providing home care services, without separating them from the environment they are accustomed to and their families. The regulation determining the procedures and principles regarding the form, evaluation, payment and other issues was published in the Official Gazette.

How to get home care assistance

In line with the family and community-based care approach, the Ministry of Family and Social Services focuses on care service models that enable disabled and elderly individuals to be cared for without leaving their social environment, with an "individual-oriented" service approach, as well as institutional care. In order to support family care, institutional care, Home Care Assistance, social assistance and day care services are offered in a complementary and integrated manner. With Home Care Assistance, which was launched in 2006, one of the most important community-based care service models offered by the Ministry, disabled individuals are integrated into society by being cared for by their relatives, without separating them from their accustomed environment and family.

Home Care Assistance procedures and principles were determined by the Regulation

Home Care Assistance Regulation, prepared by the Ministry of Family and Social Services within the scope of home care assistance and offered for the benefit of citizens, determining the procedures and principles regarding the application form, evaluation, payment and other issues for the home care of disabled people in need of care, has been published in the Official Gazette. was published. According to the regulation, according to the disability classification, for children who are fully dependent, those who have a report stating "Very advanced SLD", "Significant SLD" and "Special condition requirement (Special Conditions Required)" are given to children who are dependent on someone else's life due to their inability to fulfill the usual, repetitive requirements of daily life to a significant extent. Families who are unable to continue without assistance and care, who want to care at home for their disabled person who has been determined to need care by the home care committee, and whose per capita income in the household is less than 2/3 of the net minimum wage, will be supported with Home Care Assistance. It has been ruled that Home Care Assistance payments cannot be transferred, assigned or seized. Home Care Assistance payments of people who started to benefit from assistance before the publication date of the regulation will continue. If there is a change in the conditions for benefiting from assistance due to household, income, health or similar reasons, the situation of these people will be re-evaluated within the scope of the Regulation.

Home care payment 94 billion 253 million TL

Within the scope of Home Care Assistance, which was launched in 2006 by the Ministry to support the care of disabled individuals in need of care at the family and in the environment where they live, 94 billion 253 million 780 thousand TL Home Care Assistance payment was made from the beginning of the service until the end of April 2023. With the Home Care Assistance application. For the January-July period of 2023, a monthly cash aid of 4,336 TL is provided to families who want to care for their fully dependent disabled person at home. As of April 2023, 569 thousand 627 people benefit from Home Care Assistance. Approximately 140 thousand of these are people who care for disabled elderly people.

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