Emotional care is necessary as well as physical.

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How to Begin Home Care for a Loved One

Most seniors prefer to stay in their own homes, but sometimes this can be difficult when they live on their own and need daily assistance. Home care can promote dignity and independence, allowing individuals to live in their homes with professional help. Our caregivers provide essential, dedicated care to help older adults maintain their daily routines and continue doing the things they have enjoyed in the past…

If you are interested in finding quality, compassionate home care services for your senior loved one, we recommend meeting with a Sumer care coordinator as the first step in discussing family and/or client needs. This meeting includes a detailed review of the care needed, the requested schedule (if known), any special wishes of the family or client, and any other concerns.

Common home care topics

The following home care topics are commonly discussed during initial meetings

    Physical Care Needs: Special care assistance will be determined for your loved one. Home care demands include bathing and grooming, dressing, eating and diet, mobility, incontinence, etc. may contain.
    Emotional Care Needs: Your loved one will receive senior companion care that includes social interaction, activities, hobbies, conversation, appointments, and companionship.
    Programs: A special program will be prepared to suit both you and your loved ones who may need help with sleeping, eating and medication reminders.
    Household Assistance: If your loved one can't take care of the housework or needs some help, you can get help that includes meals, groceries, bedding, laundry, and light house cleaning. We will develop a program.
    Logistics: Everything you need to know about the home care process, such as schedules, access to the home, documentation and schedule changes, details on how to work with the office or caregivers We will discuss.

After the initial consultation, we will create a schedule, finalize the care plan, arrange a consultant visit, and match your loved one with the caregiver who best suits your loved one's needs. Services can usually be provided within a 48 hour period.

We can offer various maintenance services with our qualified staff. These include dementia care, mental health condition care, sensory impairment care and physical disability care. We can also offer old age care to people who are in good physical and mental condition but no longer wish to live on their own. Our old age residential care is about working with family members to ensure each individual receives the personalized care they need. We also have a strong program of activities, excursions and social events to help our residents feel at home and enjoy each other's company.

Temporary maintenance

Another big element of the services we offer is respite care. When you are someone's caregiver, there is a huge demand on you and you need help looking after your own health. That's where respite care comes in. Qualified, expert care to look after your loved one while you're on break or taking some time to care for yourself. We offer both short-term care and temporary care to provide you with the support you need. You can get information about temporary care from the temporary care link.

"Sumer human resources and home services' customized programs provide your loved ones with dignified and compassionate care so they can remain independent in their homes."

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